Geoff goes to Solihull

“Shall I shan’t I. I’ll just check the weather again……still raining. I’ve been ill, I’ll give it a miss”

“Nah, I’ll go!”

A mid week crit in Solihull has become the place where I top up some missed training and racing whilst I’m away on the rigs. It has been quite a productive venue for me and after convincing my self I should go, it proved to be just that again.
Signing on, the race comm asked if I minded having the lucky number 13, after the previous 10 riders shunned it. No such thing as bad luck because of a number in my eyes, I took the risk. It even stayed upright as I pinned it to my skinsuit! Must’ve been confident.
The race started with a sighting lap due to the conditions on the track. A good idea as it was terrible, slippery and very wet/muddy, and it remained that way for the entirety.
A fast start led to a couple of small gaps appearing and I jumped the gap knowing things might stick this early. I was right and soon 6 riders went clear of the bunch. Quickly getting into a rhythm we pulled around a minute gap on the bunch and it stayed this way until the finish.
I wasn’t too hopeful in the sprint as my legs were tired after recovering from the cold and a tough training ride the day and morning before the race. So I deemed the best form of defence is attack. The bell rang and I applied some pressure on the front to try and get a gap and solo to the finish. In effect, because of the lack of strength, I didn’t get the gap and ending up being Mr Leadout for another two riders from Team OnForm Racing and one from Wheelbase. What to do? I took a tight line into the last corner which made them go the long way and then opened up my sprint which I managed to hold and go on to the win.
It means a lot to finally get a win after a second and third this season so far marking what has been a long return to something resembling form since a poor winter. Hopefully now the team can build towards a few more top spots for the second half of the season.
Looking forward to the next race, which will be the Nottingham Uni GP, a new one for me and being a short race it could be fireworks from the gun. We then we have the EMRRL event at Harby. Last year I missed the break and came 16th. Hopefully I can improve on that this time round, I like the course so will enjoy it and see what happens.
So stay tuned for another podium from LLB in the near future.
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One Response to Geoff goes to Solihull

  1. Geoff says:

    Didn’t know the next podium would be a 1-2 in 4 days time. Let’s go LLB!


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