A momentary lapse of reason

We’ve been enjoying our season so far, just getting on with training, racing and having a bit of a laugh.
Nothing serious just having fun, enjoying what we do. I don’t think Andy would let us get away with taking anythingthat seriously, what with his Euro beats, his pink laces in his silver shoes and the myriad of socks he wears. Man has he got a lot of socks!

Then the momentary lapse of reason hit me in a mail I posted on the team Facebook page. I’m not sure what came over me but just after Joe had won an EMRRL jersey I asked the team to “focus”. I guess I knew at the time it was a load of business talk bollocks we all use in our Americanised work world, but this time I let it overflow into our team world and just as I pressed the publish button I was filled with regret. I immediately followed it with an instruction in the comments to ignore it, alongside an apology.

It is all too easy to be carried away with the warm afterglow of success. If there is one thing I have learnt from my sport is never change a winning team and keep  the winning formula. We are working hard and having fun, and without the fun what is the point. Who just wants to work hard? So in those times when things look like getting serious I’m going to be taking a step back, taking a deep breath, chuckling and reminding myself not to be such a cock!



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