You don’t always get what you want

DS Anderson writes:


The latest instalment of the East Midlands Road Race League didn’t go as well as we wanted it! That was the initial thought reflecting on the race immediately after the finish.

Two riders, Joe and Jono, in crashes and Edd managing to land a 5th place. Elliot was a little deflated with the way his race went. As you can imagine there was a bit of despondency around the team back at the car park.

We all talked through our views on the race and it turned out we did well. We drove a few breaks that we brought back, the one dangerous solo break that lasted a couple of laps was brought back by Jono with some help. It looks like the bunch now look to LLB to do something, which is a good and bad thing all in one. Good in that we now have the brand established for hard racing and bad that there is this expectation.

Jono was in the winning break of two alongside Chris Limberger, but nearing the last 2 km lost concentration, hit gravel and crashed. He managed to right himself but not with enough time to finish before the bunch caught him up in the last 200m. You have to ask how, but it ony takes a momentary lapse and these things happen. I suspect Jono’s mind was on opening up a sprint finish rather than getting to the finish straight and then thinking about winning the race.

Joe said he was feeling good as the bunch approach the left hander about 2km out and hit a load of bodies on the floor, taking his chances away from him. It was left to Elliot and Edd to salvage something, a 5th place for the team’s efforts.

Elliot won the KoM prize and Edd 5th so things were a little better than we thought in the results, but results are always a product of good process. It’s all too easy to start to question if what we are doing is right when you have days like these and it does test your resolve not to change things, and chase results.

Stick to our principles and our process.

We have won one race, third in another and now fifth plus KoM. In all of the races we have been in a position to win. The team is learning and we are racing as we planned to, make something happen and make the race hard, that way whoever wins will have deserved it.

With a cool head, there is no reason to change things, we’ll keep doing what we’re doing and let the results happen. The team will keep working together, training together and win, or lose, together.

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