A beautiful Spring day welcomed the team to the first race of the East Midlands Road Race League. The team were prepared, having made a recon of the course, although being local they know it well. The unknowns, of course, were how they’d work together and whether they had the form to make a difference. This is a hilly course and would test early season legs.


With a fast start from the off Edd made it into the first break but it wasn’t to stick and was brought back within a short time.


Elliot then made a move and got in a break that got away for 2 laps but then a mechanical struck and he had to work hard to get back in the bunch. It might have been the story of a fight for minor places with three remaining members from Elliot’s break still away.


On the bell lap though Edd had other ideas and pulled the bunch to bottom of Cumbershlll with Joe then taking point duties with a massive turn to bring the break back at the bottom of Windley. With all to play for at the ramp up to the finish line Edd shot Elliot from the bunch and the after burners were lit to blow everyone away and claim victory by a decent margin.


Jono is fairly new to bike racing and team tactics and still learning the ropes which explains his penchant for bringing track and field US ’style’ to the party and why he wasn’t expected to be a big player in his first team race. It was also obvious that being more of a sprinter this was not a course to suit him but as the season progresses we’ll be seeing more of him, for sure. For those who fancy their chances in the EMRRL it’s worth noting that Jono’s computer registered 380 watts over a 20 minute period!

The team were happy with the win (and Edd in 6th) feeling it was a team effort and the reward for a hard winter’s training. It’s a long season though and the hard work continues.

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