Show me the Money

March 5th, 2016. That’s the date we have our first race. Darley Moor, a place of hopes and dreams, or at least a good place to shake down you, and your kit after winter training. For those that don’t do reliability rides, in the Midlands at least, it’s how to get your measure.


So that’s the date we have to work to, get all the kit, bikes, related product, to the riders, and the Hastags flowing to keep the sponsors happy. While the team are out in the cold, wet, windy conditions we, the management, have been busy pulling in deals and favours to get the team looking sharp. So who’s on board?

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 19.34.45


The bike budget was always going to be tight. We needed a light stiff bike, one that could take the rigors of racing. There was only one option, we joined the Aluminanti. The all new Cannondale Caad12. Always known for their Aluminium engineering excellence, The Caad 12 their latest Tour de Force struck the right chords for us, decision made. Many said the Caad 10 couldn’t be improved on, but Cannondale went back to the drawing board, and rewrote the rules again. The ride delivers on every level. Exquisite handling, explosive power delivery, and a sublime ride putting many carbon bikes to shame.  Along with the bikes Cannondale have also supported us with helmets. The Cypher with its aero cover gives us 2 helmets in one. Lightweight, and well vented for those warmer days, snap on the aero cover for improved airflow and warmth on colder days. We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with Cannondale this season, having the best equipment eases the pain of racing.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 19.34.59


To help keep the bikes, and riders in tip top condition we’ll be solely using Muc Off products. The company best known for their magic pink bike cleaning liquid, has grown massively over the years. Their bike care products now span every part of bike maintenance and cleaning you could ever wish for. Not only supporting the worlds best athletes, they were happy to get on board with a grass roots race team. Now that is a company that honestly and truly wants to put something back into the sport they serve. To keep our athletes in shape we’re honored to be using Muc Off’s rider care products. We’re really looking forward to trying these products out. Racing is hard, and any little luxury, or comfort that can ease those miles really can make the difference between a podium finish, and a finish.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 19.35.10


Comfort on the bike really can make the difference between winning and loosing. It’s tough out there racing. Specialized Body Geometry accessories are known for performance and comfort, both on and off the professional race circuit. “So what shoes would you like?” “Sworks” came the unanimous reply. The Sworks 6 and Sub 6 raising the performance bar yet again. The Sub 6, a traditional lace up system, makes these shoes light and aero. Infact with the lace covers they are the lightest most aero shoes Specialized have produced. All carbon sole makes these disco slippers incredibly stiff, a redesigned heel cup, secures the foot in the shoe.The Sworks 6 uses the same construction, sole, and heel cup as the lace up version, but utilises a Boa system to hold the foot foot with superior comfort. S works, born in racing, at every level.


So there we have it, our 3 sponsors. We’re incredibly grateful for their help and support, getting the team off the ground and making them look like the professional outfit we want to be. We really couldn’t have got this far without their help. It’s our turn now, make good on our word, and deliver the goods. In racing you make your own luck, we have the equipment to forge that luck, our charms for the season.

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